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Antipasti di Mastro Ciliegia - I coccoli


Toasted bread with black cabbage and white beans€8,00
Tagliere toscano (ham, cheese and crostini) (2 people)€18,00
Coccoli (fried bread, stracchino cheese and Parma ham)€12,00
Crostini with lampredotto and green sauce€8,00
Warm codefish soup€12,00
Cabbage and ricotta cheese rolls with crispy ham€10,00


Ribollita (tuscan bread and vegetables soup)€10,00
Zuppa di porri e patate (leek and potato soup)€10,00
Primo di pasta fresca

First Courses

Linguine alla vigliacca€10,00
Spaghetti with clams sauce€12,00

Homemade Pasta

Mugello tortelli filled with meat or potatoes with meat sauce€12,00
Gnocchi with Parmesan fondue, speck, rocket and balsamic vinegar cream€12,00
Florentine “Gnudi” with butter and sage€12,00
Pici all’aglione€12,00
cosciotto di agnello con patate

Main Courses

Bistecca alla fiorentina€ 43,00 kg
Tagliata di manzo (sliced beef sirloin with rosemary or rocket and Grana)€18,00
Baked leg of lamb with roasted potatoes€16,00
Codfish with garlic and tomato sauce€17,00
“Tonno del Chianti” on toasted bread with white beans and pikled onion€15,00
Home-made white tripe€14,00

Side Dishes

Roasted potatoes€5,00
Sauteed spinach€5,00
White beans with tomato, garlic and tomato sauce€5,00
French fries€5,00
Mixed salad€5,00
Sauteed clack cabbage€5,00


Doughs with seventy-two hours leavening prepared with white flour of ancient grains and with multi-grain flour.

In addition, every week we offer a different dough, with hemp, coal, corn and linseed, ginger and much more …

All pizzas can be had with classic or multi-cereal dough (€ 1.00 added)

Pizza napoli

Pizzas with tomato sauce

Marinara (garlic)€6,50
Napoli (mozzarella, anchovies, capers, origan)€8,00
Diavola (mozzarella, spicy salami)€8,50
Golosa (bluecheese, sausage, rocket)€9,00
4 Stagioni (mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes)€9,00
Ham and mushrooms€8,00
Vegetariana (mozzarella, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onion)€8,50
Esagerata (mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, truffle oil, parma ham)€10,00
Tuna fish and onion€8,50
Pizza bianca

Pizzas without tomato sauce

Campagnola (mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, rocket)€9,00
4 Formaggi (mozzarella, bluecheese, parmesan, pecorino cheese)€9,00
Vesuvio (mozzarella, sausage, turnip greens)€9,00
Sfiziosa (mozzarella, spicy salami, peppers, onion, bluecheese)€9,50
Toscana (mozzarella, tuscan salami, pecorino cheese)€8,50


Calzone (mozzarella, ham… tomato after cooking)€7,50
Farcito (mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives)€8,50
Bianco (mozzarella, cream cheese… parma ham after cooking)€9,00
Il ciocco di Mastro ciliegia (mozzarella, spicy salami, gorgonzola… parma ham, rocket, pecorino cheese after cooking)€10,00

Gourmet Pizzas

Estate (covaccino with stracciatella, marinated salmon, truffle oil)€12,00
Inverno (mozzarella, champignon mushrooms, sausage… bacon, rocket, chili after cooking)€12,00
Autunno (mozzarella, ham, eggplant… burrata, chives after cooking)€12,00
Primavera (mozzarella, cherry tomatoes… mortadella, stracciatella, chopped pistachios after cooking)€12,00
Bianca (mozzarella… smoked ham, balsamic vinegar glaze, walnut after cooking)€12,00


Ask the staff!€6,00

To drink

Mineral Water ½ Lt€1,60
Drinks (can)€3,00

Red house wine

1/4 lt€4,00
Fiaschetto 1/2 lt€7,00
Fiasco 1 lt€12,00

White house wine

1/4 lt€4,00
1/2 lt sparkling€6,00
1 lt€10,00
Bottle 75 cl€12,00

Draft beer

Nastro Azzurro€3,00 / €5,20
Castello (red beer)€3,50 / €6,20
Non Alcoholic Beer€4,00

To finish

Amari – Grappe€3,00
Cover charge€1,60

It is appropriated to inform Mastrociliegia customers to notify your waiter of any food allergies. This way we can communicate items on our menu that may not be appropriated. In case of need we have an ingredient list. This list identifies all ingredients used in each dish. We appreciate your cooperation.

Buon appetito!